Discover a Career That Fits Your Personality
Avoid Feeling like a Square Peg Being Pounded into a Round Hole

Have you ever accepted a job you thought was going to be great but turned out to be a complete disaster?  I know I have.  I’ve experienced the frustration of working in a job that was a horrible fit for my skills, values and personal work style.  Every day, I felt like a square peg being pounded into a round hole.

Fast forward many years later and now I do what I love and my work is in complete alignment with my talents, passions and personality.  For a job to truly “work” for you, it must be in alignment with your career needs as well as your personal preferences.  You can have a job that fits your skills and interests, but if it doesn’t blend with your unique work style, it’s not going to work for you. 

In this career success guide, I review the ten most common work styles.  I invite you to assess them all and identify which ones most closely match your personal preferences.

Each of these styles is valued in the workplace (there is no right or wrong).  As you review the list you may find that many appeal to you.  However, the goal is to identify which styles blend best with your personality.  This will help you continue to define the key ingredients that will make your professional life thrive.

Work Style Preferences

Shift and Change
Do you thrive in a constantly shifting and changing environment?  Do you love responding to the pressures and challenges of the moment?  Some people thrive on ever-evolving priorities and enjoy flexing in the moment to meet the current demands of the situation.  People with this work style preference tend to get bored with set routines and predictable work patterns. 

Clear Expectations
Do you prefer predictability and structure?  Do you need clearly defined expectations and specific direction in order to feel comfortable?  People with this work style preference desire a structured workplace with unambiguous roles and responsibilities.  They become uncomfortable when goals and objectives are ever-changing and in flux. 

Front and Center
While everyone wants recognition, some people also desire the limelight.  Are you one of those individuals?  Do you love being out in front and the center of attention?  People with this work style preference enjoy public speaking, networking, socializing for business and serving as the public face of their organization.

Behind the Scenes
Do you much prefer being behind the scenes?  Are you the type who likes working quietly, out of the glare of the spotlight, making sure projects are completed? As one of my clients, who doesn’t seek the limelight, puts it:  “I don’t need to be famous, just give me the paycheck.” 

Some people thrive in team environments.  Individuals with this personality type get their best work done when they have a group to bounce ideas off of.  They enjoy brainstorming meetings, task force assignments and committee work.  People with this work style preference need a lot of social interaction with colleagues and feel the most comfortable working on team-oriented projects.

Working Solo
Some people do their best work independently.  Individuals with this personality achieve optimal results on their own and prefer quite time for concentrated and creative thought.  They prefer to take their assignments back to their desk and dive into them solo-style. 

Big Picture Thinker
Do you consider yourself a big picture person?  Do you enjoy strategic thinking and viewing things from the 30,000 foot level?  People with this work style excel at creating the overall strategy and prefer to leave the execution to someone else.

Detail Oriented
Do you enjoy working with details?  Are you talented at ensuring nothing “falls through the cracks?”  Individuals with this work style preference have a knack for turning an idea into a perfectly executed project – with all of the “t’s” crossed and “i’s” dotted.

Out and About
During a typical work week, do you prefer to be out and about at meetings, luncheons and conferences?  Do you prefer to be out of the office meeting people throughout the week?  People with this work style preference enjoy traveling for business and socializing for work. 

In the Office
During a typical work week, do you prefer to stay close to the office and concentrate at your desk?  Individuals with this work style preference prefer the security of a predictable work schedule and environment.  They also like to stick close to the office and close to home. 

For example, one of my clients received an award from a customer in California.  He was invited on an all-expense paid trip to receive the prize at the celebration gala.  He declined the invitation.  He was honored to receive the award, but didn’t want to fly across the country to receive it.  He much preferred staying close to home and maintaining the customary structure of his workweek.

Power Activity:  Identify Your Work Style Preferences


Take a moment to read the descriptions of each work style preference again.  Then, identify your top three.  While many of the styles may be appealing to you, it’s important to narrow your selections down to just three.  These should be the top three that empower you to perform at your best and feel the most comfortable while you’re doing it.

To help you select your top three, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which of the work styles most accurately captures the spirit of my personality?
  • Which of the work styles allows me to achieve my best on-the-job results?
  • Which of the work styles helps me feel comfortable and empowered?


My Work Style Preference One



My Work Style Preference Two



My Work Style Preference Three



Excellent work! 

If you feel you’d like assistance with discovering a career that fits your personality, I invite you to schedule a one-on-one coaching session with me. 

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Now, let’s move on to your Career Success Guide to Uncovering Your Skills & Talents.    


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