Skylar’s Story
From Career Misery to Ideal Career Fit


When I was 29 years old, I was working in a position I thought was going to be my dream job.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a nightmare.  The absolute low-point was when I found myself parked in the garage of my office building with my head on the steering wheel.  I couldn’t muster the energy to get out of the car and walk into the office.  I felt tired, miserable and hopeless. 

That was the day I decided to change careers and change my life.  


Today, I do what I love and my work is in complete alignment with my skills, passions and personality.  I know firsthand how working in the right job elevates the quality of your entire life.  This is why I’m committed to helping other professionals create this same level of career fulfillment and satisfaction for themselves.


When I went through the process of transitioning from a job that was not right for me into a career I loved, many profound changes took place.  It was no less than a metamorphosis of the mind, body and soul. 

Once I started working in my ideal career fit, I felt remarkably better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The biggest difference was I didn’t feel tired all the time.  I experienced a tremendous surge in my energy levels.  I no longer had to spend weekends coiled up on the couch in an attempt to regain my energy for the week ahead.  My body didn’t ache anymore.  My relationships with others and myself improved dramatically.

I hear similar stories from my clients all the time.  Once they transition into the right career for them, their entire world opens up like a flower in bloom. 

One of my clients described it like this:  “Everything is brighter now.  Before it was like I was living in a cave.” 

Are you living in a cave?  Is it time for you to emerge from the shadows and live in the light again? 



Your Ideal Career Fit


One of my favorite quotes is by Confucius: “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”  I wholeheartedly agree with this principle and have dedicated my career to it. 


As an experienced career coach, I specialize in helping professionals discover their ideal career fit – a job that offers fulfillment and is a match with their greatest strengths and passions. 

When you’re in this “sweet spot” zone, your job doesn’t feel like work.  Rather, it feels natural – as though you’re doing what you were born to do.  In essence, you feel like “a duck in water” gliding along and making comfortable progress without having to expend a tremendous amount of effort.  As a result, success and fulfillment come naturally.

I know all too well the struggles of working in the wrong job, having experienced it firsthand.  If you are currently experiencing a similar struggle, I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be this way!


What I know for sure is the right career is out there for everybody.  Everyone has a unique set of skills and interests that can be channeled into the right job for them.  I am not talking about “being all things to all people.”  Rather, I’m talking about focusing on your unique areas of specialty so your talents can truly shine.  


Indeed, nobody can be good at everything.  In fact, everyone has things they are not particularly good at.  For example, I’m not great at spelling.  Sometimes I look at a completely common word and can’t remember how to spell it.  I’m also not great at driving directions.  I often take wrong turns and get lost because I’m much more interested in listening to music than paying attention to where I’m going! 


While everyone has deficits, we all too have assets to bring to the workplace.  In fact, everyone has areas in which they excel.  My mission is to help people like you define your top talents and discover your ideal career fit.  This means identifying a career that:


  • Is in Alignment with Your Skills, Interests and Priorities
  • Meets Your Personal and Professional Needs
  • “Feels Right” and is a Natural Fit for Your Authentic Self



As I mentioned, I also call this working in your career “sweet spot.”  If you’re a golfer, you may be familiar with this concept.  In golf, the sweet spot is the very center of the golf club head.  When the ball is hit from this place, you get the most power, distance and control in your swing.


Isn’t that what you want in your career as well?  When you work in your sweet spot, you are well positioned with the power and control to take your career as far as you wish.


Working in your ideal career means you have a job that comes easily to you, rather than a position in which you have to try way too hard to succeed.  I’ve certainly held jobs in which I had to struggle and nothing I did seemed to be right. 

These positions steadily eroded my self-esteem because I came to believe I literally couldn’t do anything right.  It wasn’t until I discovered my true professional passions and ideal career calling that I realized the abundance of talents I do have to offer the world.  I’ve also seen many others toil under similar circumstances and then experience this same metamorphic transition. 

Life is way too short to be in a job you dislike and is a mismatch for who you are.  Or even worse, as one of my clients put it, in a job that “feels like doing time in prison.”  As you probably know, when you’re miserable in your career, it darkens your entire world.  Whereas, when you work in your ideal career – you can truly shine!


Instead of feeling like heaving a huge boulder up a mountain, working in your authentic career fit feels like rolling a rock down the mountain with momentum – the joy for what you do and the rewards it brings you – easing you along. 


On a typical workday, if you feel like a square peg being pounded into a round hole, you owe it to yourself to explore other career options either within or outside your current profession.

Everyone can have the job of their dreams if they’re willing to take the time to discover their greatest aptitudes and identify what truly makes them happy.  This involves identifying the best use of your gifts and talents as well as your greatest professional passions.


Working in your ideal career fit is about having a profession in which you can truly be yourself.  When you have a position that fits with your life and work priorities, top skills, professional passions and work style – you have the makings of a phenomenal career! 



Time to Be Proactive


I hear time and time again from my clients that they want to start being proactive with their careers.  Over and over, they share a similar story.  They say their careers, up until this point, have “just sort of happened.”  They admit there wasn’t a lot of planning or forethought and they accepted positions simply because they were offered. 


My clients tell me they are tired of simply settling for what’s offered.  They express a desire to say goodbye to the days when their career unfolded due to happenstance.  They want to make career choices from a position of informed power and proactively manage their careers.

Do you share this goal?  Here’s your chance to do just that!  I will show you how.  When you’re in the process of a career transition, you have the amazing opportunity to define exactly what you want.  I will help you get clear on the elements of a fulfilling career – as defined by you. 

Let’s get started discovering your ideal career!

If you feel you’d like assistance with defining the right career for you, I invite you to schedule a one-on-one coaching session with me. 

Click here to schedule your personal coaching session.

And now that you’ve heard my story, let’s move on to your Career Success Guide to Telling Your Career Story with Gusto



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