Thrive In Both a Career & Life You Can't Wait To Wake Up To In The Morning

Discover Your Ideal Career + Land Your Ultimate Job

Private, One-on-one Career Success Coaching – Customized to Your Personal Needs & Goals

Discover Your Ideal Career + Land Your Ultimate Job

Identifying your next career move can be extremely challenging.  Many professionals often feel stuck and are unsure how transition into a more rewarding, fulfilling, lucrative and satisfying career.

The Discover Your Ideal Career + Land Your Ultimate Job One-on-One Career Success Coaching Program is designed exactly for this situation.  Through a series of weekly private coaching sessions, I show you how to define your next move and develop a fulfilling career that is a match with your greatest strengths, talents and passions.

With my guidance, you will move out of confusion and overwhelm into focused, productive clarity.  You’ll obtain the direction, support and momentum to pinpoint your passion, unlock your potential and get paid what you’re worth.

Charge Forward on a Simple, Strategic Path – Skip the Overwhelming, Complicated & Confusing Route

A Personalized Career Success Coaching Program Customized To Your Unique Needs & Circumstances

Rather than an “off-the-shelf program” this is a private consulting experience highly individualized to your unique goals, background and personal situation.

  • Create a Solid Career Vision
  • Identify Your Top Skills
  • Pinpoint Your Professional Passions 
  • Develop Your Value Proposition 
  • Create Your Career Branding 
  • Build Your Career Assets to Land Your Ultimate Job

Say Goodbye to the Snooze Button

A Job You Can’t Wait to Wake Up to in the Morning

Upgrade your career. Transform your life. Enjoy what you do on a day-to-day basis. Feel good about yourself and what you’re contributing. Look forward to getting up in the morning. Say goodbye to the Sunday night blues – dreading Monday morning. Say goodbye to the snooze button – avoiding facing another day at work.

Pinpoint Your Professional Passions

Discover What Lights You Up & Experience Day-to-Day Fulfillment

Devise Your Unique Value Proposition

Effectively Communicate the Worth You Bring to the Table to Recruiters & Hiring Managers 

Do What You Love & Earn a Great Living

Thrive in a Meaningful Career & Get Paid What You’re Worth 

Design Your Career Brand Positioning

Including Specific Guidance to Maximize the Messaging of Your Unique Competitive Advantages 

direction & assistance every step of the way

inch-by-inch guidance & support to achieve your career goals

find work you love! 

define what you want to do next

Land a job that matches your personality  

Master how to effectively share your career story 

Know what you don’t want – define past career dissatisfactions to avoid future career misery

learn how to sell yourself in job interviews

craft a successful win/win salary negotiation strategy

Network with High-Value Contacts 

effectively cope with a job you dislike While planning a career transition

Learn how to Manage your career transition on top of a full-time workload & family responsibilities

make career choices that support your personal goals 

More From Skylar, Career Success Strategist 

Work in Your Carer Sweet Spot

“I love helping people step into their full potential and accomplish their greatest goals.

I have been fortunate to discover and work in my ideal career and my mission is to empower others to achieve the same level of career satisfaction and fulfillment I enjoy.

I know what its like to work in a job where I felt like a square peg in a round hole. Now I help professionals sidestep the struggles I endured so they can leapfrog into the right career for them.

Let’s get started so you can transition into a more rewarding, lucrative and satisfying career!”

How It Works

The Road Map to Your Lucrative & Rewarding New Career

The Discover Your Ideal Career + Land Your Ultimate Job Program is Structured into 3 Strategic Phases

  • Phase 1: Discover Your Unique Competitive Advantages & Define Your Career Vision
  • Phase 2: Develop Top-Notch Job Search Assets to Effectively Convey Your Value
  • Phase 3: Create & Execute a Solid Success Plan for Landing Your New Position

We Meet Once a Week for 12 Weeks

  • Weekly Strategy Sessions with Clearly Defined Action Steps for You to Complete Between Sessions
  • Email Support is Provided Throughout the Week – You are Not Alone!
  • Telephone Support is Also Provided Throughout the Week – You’re Only One Phone Call Away from the
    Jolt You Need to Keep Charging Forward!

Extras Just for You

Your Fast-Action Bonuses

Along with your Discover Your Ideal Career + Land Your Ultimate Job Program, you receive the following bonuses to help you make a smooth transition into a rewarding new career.

  • Receive My Career Success System Book – Includes 63 Written Career Exploration Exercises + Line-by-Line Dialog & Email Scripts
  • Full Critique of Your Current Resume 
  • Full Critique of Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Full Critique of Your Current Cover Letter
  • Fully Designed & Formatted Executive-Style Resume Template  
  • Fully Designed & Formatted Executive-Style Cover Letter Template
  • A Success Guide to Optimizing Your LinkedIn Presence

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