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Chief Financial Officer Calls Skylar Her “Secret Business Partner”

When I was promoted to the Chief Financial Officer position at my company, I reached out to Skylar for support. Her assistance has been extremely valuable as I settle into this demanding role.

Skylar is an excellent sounding board. She puts things into perspective and helps me create realistic action plans to achieve my goals. Skylar assists me with both high-level strategic planning as well as implementation.

As a busy working mother with two young children, balancing work and family is also a challenge. Skylar puts forward insightful questions that encourage me to break out of negative patterns both at the office and at home. Her coaching has supported my ambition to take my career to the next level. I am delighted to have Skylar as my “Secret Business Partner” while I successfully navigate my new leadership role.

Alexandria Salter

Chief Financial Officer

“Working with Skylar was One of the Best Investments I Ever Made.”

I have used Skylar’s coaching and resume services throughout the last seven years and she has assisted me with three successful job searches.

When it’s time to think strategically about what’s next in my career and update my resume and cover letter in a sharp way, I turn to Skylar.  In the current market, having a strong resume and cover letter is more important than ever so it’s worth investing in Skylar’s support because she has a wonderful ability of helping you create very strong documents.  She has updated my resume on numerous occasions and every time I reach out to her for guidance, her suggestions are always exactly what I’m looking for.

With Skylar’s expertise, my resume looks incredible and I have no doubt it is the reason why I’ve gotten a number of interviews and job offers.  Now my friends and colleagues come to me for resume advice and edits because my resume looks so good.  I am so glad to have a top-notch resume and cover letter template at my fingertips when I need it and can easily update it as I grow in my career.  Working with Skylar was one of the best investments I ever made and allows me to feel confident in my accomplishments and skill sets each time I start to orchestrate a new job search.

Elise Garrison

Federal Relations Director

“I Landed the Exact Type of Position I was Looking for in My Target Field.”

When I hired Skylar I had been out of work for eight months.  Although I had been diligently job searching the entire time, I hadn’t received any offers.  I felt lost.

I was starting to doubt myself after being out of work for so long.  I wasn’t sure I was on the right path with my job search.  I knew I needed a more structured approach and someone to help me focus.

Skylar took me through her very well-organized, step-by-step Career Success System process.  She gave me assignments that were easy to follow and complete.  This systematic approach helped me move out of a state of feeling overburdened and overwhelmed and into a mode of taking positive action.

Skylar built my self-confidence back up by helping me recognize my professional accomplishments and skills.  She also did an excellent job of preparing me for interviews.  Skylar coached me on how to answer the tough interview questions and how to handle salary negotiations.

With Skylar’s assistance I landed the exact type of position I was looking for in my target field.

Sometimes it is necessary to have an objective view from someone outside one’s immediate circle to help you see things differently and move forward.  I am very grateful to have connected with Skylar and to have her in my corner supporting me.

Elaine Victor

Telecommunications Professional

“Skylar is a Cut-Above in the Coaching Profession.” 

I am an attorney with a demanding and rewarding career.  I am also a professional classical singer. While I love the law, nothing makes me feel more alive than when I’m performing for an audience, singing music I love.  My ultimate dream is to become a world-renowned singer.

I found Skylar at a workshop for professional women which she led. For a year before I had been researching career coaches in the DC area and was not very impressed with any of the ones I found. Within in five minutes of her workshop I knew Skylar was the one for me!

Her approach was vastly more creative, efficient, direct, and fun than any of the other coaches I had spoken to before.  I signed up for her next workshop immediately and had the privilege of working with her for about a year.

With her strategies, support, encouragement and prompting I became the first part-time lawyer in my organization, got a significant raise, and had my Carnegie Hall debut as a professional opera singer!

Skylar is a cut-above in the coaching profession.  I highly recommend her services to others who want to achieve results now!

Laura Peterson


“I Owe Much of My Professional Success & Happiness to Skylar.”

I owe much of my professional success and happiness to Skylar. Thanks to her guidance, I have the career I always wanted and am enjoying it immensely.  I was able to parlay my US-based experiences into the international development career I always wanted.  She helped me identify my strengths, discover my passions, and merge the two into what is now an incredibly rewarding career. Since working with Skylar six years ago, I have probably been offered 90% of the positions I’ve applied for.  The skills I gained through working with her remain with me and I put them to use almost daily.  I thoroughly recommend Skylar and her Career Success System to any woman seeking career coaching.  She is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with.

Gretchen Perez

Public Health Advisor

“Working with Skylar was the Best Investment I Ever Made.”

Working with Skylar was the best investment I ever made.  From our first conversation, I felt invigorated.  I was in a challenging position because I was tackling both a career transition and a geographic move.  She helped me connect with my skill sets and truly recognize the value of my contributions.  This has led to an internal shift and a tremendous surge to my self confidence.  I feel more grounded, secure and able to clearly see my own potential.  Hiring Skylar was the best thing I ever did on my own behalf.  It has been an absolutely invaluable experience.

Julie Kramer

Web-Based Communications Manager

“As I Plan My Transition from the Military into the Private Sector, Skylar has been an Invaluable Resource”

As I plan my transition from the military into the private sector, Skylar has been an invaluable resource. She went above and beyond to create a phenomenal resume, LinkedIn profile and cover letter for me. She is very comfortable translating military accomplishments into language that commands the attention of private sector hiring managers. She is also easy to talk to and communicate with. I highly recommend her services. You will be in excellent hands.

Rollin N.

Aviation Leader & Pilot

Consulting Firm President & Mother of Four Develops 5-Year Vision for Business & Personal Success

As a busy mother of four and the president of a management consulting firm, I certainly have a lot on my plate.  An important product of my coaching engagement with Skylar is the five year vision she helped me develop for both my career and personal goals.  Having this plan in place helps me focus on what’s most important and supports me in effectively balancing being both a mother and a business owner.

Skylar also showed me how to take better care of myself so I can have the energy to accomplish all I want to achieve.  In addition, she helped me fine-tune my communication skills such as delegating at work and conveying my personal needs to family members.  With her assistance, I also developed effective networking talking points, including how to introduce myself and mingle at business events.

Skylar played an important part in helping me achieve the level of success I have obtained with my career and business.

Simone Lancaster

Management Consultant & President

“The Quality of Work was Extraordinary”

Skylar rewrote and redesigned my resume for me.  She was amazing in all aspects of her work from start to finish.  The quality of work was extraordinary.  She communicated wonderfully and kept in touch every step of the way.  She worked diligently and effectively to complete the resume upgrade in a very timely manner.  I wholeheartedly recommend her.  If you’re on the fence with Skylar, choose her.  Her years of high-quality experience shine through and exceeded my expectations tenfold!

Matthew Seltzer

Financial Services Professional

“I Was Ready to Quit.  Within a Few Weeks of Working with Skylar My Life Changed.”

Skylar is an amazing coach and career builder.  Three years into my dream job, I was ready to quit.  My workload, office politics and my boss were driving me nuts.  In addition, my drive to get a promotion was consuming me and my boss wasn’t receptive to my pleas.

Within a few weeks of working with Skylar my life changed.  Through her coaching, I learned how to effectively team with others and improved my working relationships with both my boss and subordinate.  I also learned how to prioritize my work and life.  I now love it when others say “I don’t have time for that” because now I do have time for anything and everything I want.

One of the most important benefits of Skylar’s Career Success System is that it has been the catalyst for me to think and act like an executive within my organization, rather than simply a manager.  I’m also doing extremely well now communicating with abrasive personalities.  Previously, dealing with difficult people was a big challenge for me.

Skylar provided me with communication and management tools I know I will use throughout the rest of my career.  As a result of this program, I feel reinvigorated about my work and my professional future.  Thank you, Skylar!

Andrea Gregory


“In Just One Session Skylar Helped Me Solve a Vexing Career Dilemma” 

At the beginning of the session I was feeling unsure about what direction to take.  By the end of our meeting I had gained clarity, made my decision and created a plan of action to implement it.

The situation was this:
I had been presented with a new job opportunity out of the blue and was unclear if I should take it or not.  A recruiter had contacted me via LinkedIn and I accepted the interview to see what the job was about.  It turned out to be a great position, a step up in my career and an opportunity for professional growth that came with a significant salary increase.

However, there were many things that were vexing me about the sudden offer.  I had so many thoughts and questions I was trying to process at once, they were creating a bottleneck in my mind.  I was stymied and didn’t know what to do or how to proceed.

One of the main things that was bothering me was the new job required a move of over 1,000 miles and they wanted me to start right away!

This meant I had to sell my house, which I had lived in for 15 years, and that felt extremely overwhelming.  I was also very entrenched in a side real estate business in my current city.  It felt like it was going to be complicated if I tried to extricate myself from this venture in a hurry.  This was especially so because my business partner is a close friend and I didn’t want to leave him in a lurch.

Also, since it was a big step up and a foray into the unknown, I was feeling scared about being able to do well in the new position.  In addition to the significant performance anxiety, I also needed time to wrap up projects at my current job and give my manager reasonable notice.

I had worked there for 15 years, had a very good reputation and didn’t want to leave them abruptly either.  And the fact that I’d been at my current company for 15 years was also a factor.  I had already proven myself and didn’t need to hustle or work much overtime anymore to bolster my status or standing.  The thought of starting over at a new place felt daunting.

Skylar asked me insightful questions that helped me think through all aspects of the situation.  She helped me hone in on the things that were making me feel unsure.

We talked about the new job and the elements that were making me feel nervous and overwhelmed.  We discussed how to handle my real estate business.  We worked through how to manage the relocation and how to finesse the salary negotiation, so I could finalize the new job offer on terms I felt good about.

She listened as I talked things out and helped me create a prioritized plan of action, so I could obtain the additional information I needed and act on my decision quickly.  By the end of our conversation, I knew with certainty the direction I wanted to take and had a solid strategic plan in place for this very important career decision.

The result was, I negotiated an even higher salary increase while also pushing the start date back, so I could make the transition within a more comfortable timeframe.  I’m extremely excited for this new chapter in my life and grateful to Skylar for helping me make it happen.

Samuel Omar

Electrical Engineer

Frustrated Attorney Lands Position with Top Firm

After months of a fruitless, frustrating job search, Caroline Davis, an attorney, was excited to be “moving” once again.  “During my first phone call with Skylar, I knew I was on the road to somewhere.”  That was more progress than the native Australian living in Washington, DC, had experienced in a long while.  Caroline was “in a bad spot, a dead end” for a full year since arriving in the nation’s capital.  She networked, volunteered on a human rights committee, worked as a temp at a firm, and spent a considerable amount of money on a web-based legal job search firm.  Not one interview resulted from her efforts.

Within six weeks of working with Skylar, Caroline had gained clarity about what she needed in her next position and landed a job with a top law firm.  “Skylar helped me re-frame my ideas about myself and my career path. I started to view myself not just as a person looking for a job but examined what I needed to feel happy and valued.”

When it came time to negotiate salary and responsibilities, Skylar gave Caroline the tools to do so.  “I would not have had the confidence to do that on my own.”  Six months later and far happier, Caroline continues to use strategies she learned while working with Skylar.

Caroline Davis


“I Had Many Other Options of Resume Writers to Select from and I’m so Glad I Chose Skylar.”

Skylar was excellent to work with. I’m extremely pleased with both the resume and cover letter she wrote for me. I had many other options of resume writers to select from and I’m so glad I chose Skylar.

Although I have a lot of professional achievements, I’ve always been unsure about how to put them in writing. One of my biggest concerns was coming off as arrogant. As a hiring manager myself, I’ve seen a fair number of resumes that seemed too over the top. Skylar listened to me regarding these concerns and developed the resume and cover letter in a tone of voice that feels very authentic for me – confident without crossing the line into arrogance.

Another thing I needed for my job search materials was to convey the deep level of IT knowledge I have without using too much technical jargon. Skylar took care of this as well, crafting documents that make a strong case for my greatest qualifications and accomplishments while targeting what hiring managers want to see.

She also did a really great job on my LinkedIn profile. She completely transformed it into a powerful sales tool for my career. I highly recommend working with Skylar. She has the skills and talents needed to help you advance your career forward.

Luke Davonshire

IT Leader

Public Relations Professional Lands Governor-Appointed Position 

Before I started working with Skylar, I felt unmotivated and frustrated trying to determine a new direction in my career.  I found it difficult to focus on work and was overwhelmed.

To help ease the frustration, I haphazardly applied to various job openings, but none of them worked out and I failed to find a clear direction.  This process was taking a toll on my self-esteem and confidence.

Skylar helped me identify the exact source of my frustration.  It was geography.  Through my coaching sessions with her, I realized that I did enjoy my current career field, but I did not like the geographic region I was living in.

Skylar helped me see what was really going to make me happy was relocating back to the Midwest where I grew up.  Identifying this missing link allowed me to bust through the quagmire of doubts, worries and frustrations.

Skylar coached me to mobilize the power of my home state network to uncover job openings in my field.  As a result, I landed an amazing position appointed by the Governor!

I am excited to be moving back home to family and friends and to return to the lifestyle I had been missing so much.  Skylar helped me lift the fog that was hanging heavy on my career and on my life.  I’m looking forward to this bright new opportunity and am grateful that Skylar helped me open the door to it!

Mary Thompson

Senior Public Relations Director

Career-Changer Receives Assistance Overhauling Resume for New Field

I was in the process of switching career fields and needed a resume that would speak to my new target hiring managers.  Skylar created a resume that powerfully communicates my strengths and accomplishments.  I now have a compelling resume I’m extremely proud of and one that persuasively conveys the value offer.

It was difficult for me to reach out to ask for help because I thought this was something I should be able to do on my own.  I’m so glad I hired Skylar to do it for me.  Since I simply don’t have the expertise she does, I could have never created a finished product of this caliber.  Thank you, Skylar.  I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome.

David Nicholson

Banking Professional

“Skylar Helped Me Move Mountains in a Short Amount of Time!”

I had been working at the same job for 10 years.  While it afforded me a comfortable routine, it wasn’t stimulating and I wasn’t growing.  The position was a dead end and there was nothing left for me to give or learn.

I was stuck, bored, undervalued, unappreciated, not valuing myself and not living my best life.  I had known for four years I needed to make a change, but fear and uncertainty were keeping me mired in my comfort zone.  I was lacking confidence in my abilities, had no idea what my skills were and had a huge fear of rejection.

When I finally felt ready to take real action, I reached out to Skylar.  I trust her and I knew there was no one else I wanted to lead me through this process.  I have total confidence in her and the set of tools she brings to the table.

I’m truly amazed and thrilled with how far I’ve come and how much we’ve tackled together.  Skylar helped me move mountains in a short amount of time!  I felt a sense of momentum as soon as I started the program.

It felt great to focus on myself so much and the career acceleration exercises felt like a soothing bubble bath.  I had never really taken the time to think about what I wanted in my career.  It felt tremendous to truly value myself enough to focus on my needs and wants and be proactive vs. reactive in creating a rewarding and fulfilling life.

Together, we created a solid foundation for my career and I feel invigorated from the clarity I have gained.  Now, I know the value I have to offer and how to best use my potential.  I have a clear, revitalized sense of where I’m going and am well on my way to a more gratifying career and life.

Skylar is the best.  Her warm and succinct style, as well as off-the-charts active listening skills, are very impressive and very much in sync with the clear, concise language on her website.  And she uses her expert coaching skills to help me make the best decisions for me so I can avoid the traps of falling back into outdated habits that block me from achieving my dreams.  She brings 120% percent to her work and I am a 120% satisfied customer!

Marie Rose

Event Planner

Philanthropy Officer Achieves Immediate Results 

Before I started working with Skylar, I was doing well in my career.  I had just received an excellent review and an elevated job titled.  However, I wanted assistance in taking my career even higher.  Specifically, I wanted help developing my leadership skills.

In our first session, Skylar challenged me to think of how I could change my behavior to be more of a leader in the office.  As a result of that first discussion, I was able to implement several key strategies right away.  I saw the results of her coaching the very first week!

Skylar helped me accentuate what was already working for me and banish old habits that were no longer serving me.

Chloe Valadez

Philanthropy Officer

“The Most Important & Valuable Decision I Made During this Transition.”

After serving as an officer in the United States Army for over two decades, I decided to pursue opportunities in the private sector.  I had made the decision not to work in the defense industry and knew my resume and approach needed a major overhaul.

Skylar helped me in several crucial ways.  The most important was to break down the process into small, manageable tasks that enabled me to focus my efforts and gave me back the control I felt I was losing.  She helped me hone in on the direction I wanted to take my career and what types of positions would be a strong match with my strengths, skills and interests.

Once I had my target defined, Skylar helped me tremendously with my resume.  She coached me through the process of customizing my resume, so it would effectively speak to my target audience and accurately reflected my skills and abilities.

The most intimidating phase of the process for me was the interview.  In the military I had been selected for positions based on my rank or specific training – any interviews were merely a formality.  I had virtually no real interview experience and was apprehensive to say the least.  Skylar helped me anticipate potential questions, so I went into each interview prepared and feeling confident.  She even worked with me on how to handle those questions that seem to come out of nowhere.

The most valuable element of working with Skylar was how supportive she has been through this whole transition.  I consider myself a strong person, but there were days I felt overwhelmed.  By listening and putting things into perspective she helped me see that what I was going through was perfectly normal and would pass.  She was open and honest and always supportive.  I always felt she genuinely wanted me to succeed.  Even though our formal coaching relationship has ended she continues to make herself available, providing valuable insight and sound, professional advice.

Through Skylar’s assistance and my own hard work, I have landed a job I am excited about and that will help me achieve my goals.  Working with Skylar was the most important and valuable decision I made during this transition.  Thank you, Skylar!  I couldn’t have done it without you!

Jessica Carter

Deputy Director of Operations

Senior Health Education Manager Rebuilds Career with Positive Professional Move

My New Year’s resolution was to find employment that would rebuild my career and set me on a path to fulfilling my career goals in health professional education.  I was lucky to work with Skylar to help me achieve these goals.

Through her expert guidance, I greatly improved my resume and interview skills.  Gaining the confidence I needed to aggressively tackle the job market, she helped me more clearly define my skills and expertise.

I successfully landed a great job that will allow the kind of growth and opportunity I was looking for and Skylar was a big part of that success.

A. Sanders

Senior Health Education Manager

“Skylar Helps Me Sharpen the Vision of What I Want so I Can Move Forward with a Greater Sense of
Clarity, Purpose & Self-Assurance.” 

I have worked with Skylar for over eight years and am continuously pleased with the results.  Throughout that time, she has
helped me change careers and execute several job searches.

Skylar is a delight to work with.  Her friendly, accessible and upbeat personality, make it a pleasure to collaborate with her.
Specifically, Skylar helps me sharpen the vision of what I want so I can move forward with a greater sense of clarity,
purpose and self-assurance.

This allows me to truly follow my career passions instead of accepting the status quo.  Working with Skylar keeps me
motivated, on track and steadily moving up in my career.

Abigail Chadwick

Human Resources Specialist

“Skylar Helped Me Define What I Want – and Get It.”

Skylar’s Career Success System helped me define what I want – and get it. The career change I wanted to make was a significant departure from what I had been doing for the last several years.  As such, I questioned myself as to whether I could actually make the leap.  Through my work with Skylar, I developed the self-confidence to know I can do the things I really want to do.

Rebecca LaPierre

Government Affairs Director & Fulbright Scholar

“As a Direct Result of a Coaching Session, I Received a Cash Bonus & a Great New Work Assignment.”

Working with Skylar has been extremely valuable to me in many ways.  For example, as a direct result of a coaching session, I received a cash bonus and a great new work assignment.  Skylar also helped me expand my leadership presence, fine-tune my communication skills and get comfortable speaking up in meetings.  Furthermore, she coached me to effectively prepare for performance reviews and assertively promote myself both at work and within my broader network of professional colleagues.

Susan Daniels

Social Media Director

“The Results Were Immediate.  I Landed the Very Next Job I Applied To.”

Upon completing my master’s program in Public Heath, I worked in several interesting consulting positions.  While I enjoyed the work, I was committed to landing a full-time position in the field.  But something was holding me back, I just didn’t know what.  I had been searching for over six months and my frustration level was high.

During our very first session, Skylar advised me on how to alter my career transition strategy.  She also provided specifics on how to revise my resume to support this new approach.

The results were immediate.  I landed the very next job I applied to.

Skylar guided me through the first and second round of interviews.  She helped me develop language and success stories to fully explain my qualifications for the position.  We discussed tactics during our coaching sessions and she offered additional support via email.

She also made herself available to me via telephone between our regularly scheduled sessions.  She was patient with me when I felt anxious and had lots of questions about the process.

Upon receiving the offer, Skylar also helped me through the salary negation phase.  Thanks to her, I have developed key negotiation skills I can put to use throughout the rest of my career.

Through my work with Skylar, I broke through the impasse I was at and dramatically increased my self-confidence.  I highly recommend Skylar to women who want to land a position that is the right fit for them.

Samantha Clarke

Public Health Manager

Association Director Lands Dream Job

Having worked at the same organization for over twelve years, I felt it was time to expand my career horizons and take on new challenges.  I wanted to make a career transition, but I had no idea how to get started.

I hadn’t made a career move in a long time and I felt uncertain in terms of how to go about it.  As a consequence, I hired Skylar and I’m so glad I did!

She helped me through each stage of my career transition.  The first thing we did was define the type of position I wanted based on my strengths and interests. Then, we tailored my resume to that field and developed a strong cover letter. Next, Skylar coached me through the interview preparation phase including specific phrasing to use in job interviews.  She also provided direction on how to manage the job offer and salary negotiations process.

I’m thrilled to say I landed a job that is a complete match for my skills and professional passions!  This job is exactly what I was looking for.  I can’t thank Skylar enough for her coaching and guidance!

T. King

Association Director

“My Creative Spirit Felt Starved.”

As a child, I loved art class and fell in love with photography from the first time I picked up a camera.  Becoming a photographer seemed like it would be my absolute dream job.  However, until my work with Skylar, I never let myself take that dream seriously.  I always thought I needed to pursue a more “serious” career.  Meanwhile, my creative spirit felt starved.  Working with Skylar helped plant a seed that has become my passion and my business.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to express my creativity and evoke emotions through photography while sharing my talents with others.

Camille Knight


Marketing Consultant Negotiates 12% Salary Increase

When my annual contract negotiations were coming up, I felt many conflicting emotions.  On one hand, I wanted to receive a significant pay increase – especially in light of the fact that a new consultant had just been brought on board at a higher rate than me.  On the other hand, salary discussions – or any negotiation conversation for that matter – make me very uncomfortable. My usual knee-jerk reaction is to avoid them altogether.

I was feeling resentful that others at the firm were making more money.  If I didn’t ask for an increase, I knew the resentment would fester.  I’d seen this pattern in myself before.  I wanted to change this destructive pattern and Skylar gave me the tools and support to successfully do just that.

Skylar coached me on what to say and how to say it.  With her guidance, I gained the courage to have the difficult conversation and stand my ground.  As a result, I negotiated a 12% salary increase!

I also developed valuable negotiation skills I will use time and again throughout my career as well as in my personal life.  Thank you Skylar.  You were instrumental in me achieving this goal!

Meredith Deangelis

Marketing Consultant

“I’m Not One to Ask for Help on Any Level.” 

I’m not one to ask for help on any level, but I’m so glad I worked with Skylar and her Career Success System.  After completing law school and passing the bar exam, it was time for me to land my first legal job.  However, I was having trouble getting motivated.  I had too much time on my hands and found myself creating distractions to avoid job searching.  I had the feeling of being lost at sea with no idea how I was going to safely navigate my ship back to shore.

Skylar helped me turn my debilitating inner turmoil into productive action.  She showed me how to leave behind my baseless fears of rejection and useless “what if” scenarios and trade them in for a steadfast commitment to myself.

Specifically, The System helped me:

  • Identify My Marketable Skills
  • Create a First-Rate Resume and Cover Letter
  • Prepare for the Daunting Tasks of Networking and Interviewing
  • Obtain 6 Outstanding Letters of Recommendation from Former Managers
  • Completely Overhaul my LinkedIn Profile
  • And, Most Importantly, Build My Self-Confidence

The first time I used a job application technique I learned from the program, I landed an associate position with one of my target law firms.  I’m thankful for Skylar’s guidance and will carry it with me into my new career in the law.”

Veronica James


“Skylar Helped Me Network My Way into an Outstanding New Job.”  

Skylar helped me network my way into an outstanding new job.  Although I am well-respected in my field and have excellent
contacts, I found myself reluctant to network.  I didn’t want to “bother” my colleagues or make them feel uncomfortable in any
way.  Skylar showed me how to approach people in a manner that felt natural and easy.  As a result, I landed an amazing new position.  It’s a tremendous upward career move and exactly where I want to be given the current trends in my industry.

Lauren McClintock, Ph.D.

Healthcare Policy Expert & Rhodes Scholar

Former U.S. Army Commander Makes Successful Transition to Private Sector 

After over nine years in the military, I made the decision to transition into the civilian world. However, having been in the army my entire career, I was unsure exactly what type of private sector job would be right for me or how to go about getting such a position.

Skylar helped me focus on areas in the job market that best suited me and showed me how to narrow my search and strategy to get the job I wanted.  She also helped me be selective about the jobs I applied to by helping me develop my personalized criteria for a fulfilling career.

It was tough after coming out of the military to know what the right job for me was going to be.  With the help of Skylar and her organized approach to getting what I wanted from my search, I landed an amazing job that is an excellent match for my strengths and professional interests.

As I prepared for my new position, Skylar also coached me on how to make a successful transition from the military culture to the civilian work world.  I continue to meet with Skylar to keep my career goals on track.  Thanks Skylar!

Angela Herman

Management Consultant

Mother of Two Returns to Full Time Work

I am an information technology professional.  Upon the birth of my second child, 14 years ago, I decided to scale back my hours and work part-time.

Now that both my children are teenagers (how did that happen!) I decided to return to full-time work.  I knew I needed to be able to discuss the type of job I wanted and the skills I would bring to a potential position.  I was at a loss on how to “sell myself” to prospective employers.

Skylar helped me develop success stories to use in job interviews that allowed me to discuss my qualifications with confidence.  She also helped me recognize and embrace my skills and talents.

I’m happy to say I’ve accepted an excellent full-time position that is a great match for my strengths and will allow me to develop my leadership and management skills!  I continue to meet with Skylar to discuss strategy as I settle in and get comfortable at my new job.

Bobbi Barrett

Informational Technology Professional

Nonprofit Manager Finds the Right Career Fit 

Skylar has helped me navigate two successful job searches.   Each time, she helped me identify and articulate my work/life priorities and the ingredients I must have in a job.

She held me accountable–to myself and my goals–and did not let me fall into the trap of just taking jobs that were offered that were in my comfort zone.

Skylar makes each client a full partner in the process of meeting their goals.  She listens, advises, and guides in a way that keeps you true to yourself–no matter what your goal.

Kathleen Waite

Nonprofit Manager

“I Was Feeling Unmotivated & Negative About My Overall Career Situation.”

After I was laid off from my private sector consulting position, my confidence level took a drastic nose-dive.  This career setback took a significant toll on my self-esteem.

I was feeling unmotivated and negative about my overall career situation.  Working with Skylar’s Career Success System turned that around.  The experience reenergized and refocused me, so I could create the outcomes I desired.

As a result, I landed an ideal position within my new target field.  This job is perfectly suited to my career interests as well as to the collaborative, collegial work environment I enjoy.

Although I was very happy with the initial salary offer, I followed the step-by-step instructions in the salary negotiation section and planned a strategy to ask for more.  I’m happy to say I successfully negotiated a $5,500 increase to the starting salary.

The Career Success System was invaluable as I faced the daunting challenge of getting myself out of a paralyzing rut and into the right job for me.  I could not have navigated to this new chapter of my career as smoothly and confidently without it and I am very grateful!

Andrea Thomas

IT Manager

Successful Salary Negotiation

I recently accepted a new job.  I was happy with the initial salary offer because it was 20% more than I was currently making.  I was ready to accept the offer as is.

However, Skylar encouraged me not to simply accept the first offer and to negotiate for more.  She helped me craft a customized approach with specific language to use.  Even though I was nervous, I went ahead and negotiated.

I’m happy to say the result was an $8,000 increase in my annual compensation! And, the amazing part is, I accomplished this with only five minutes work.  All it took was calling the recruiter and then sending him a follow-up email (which Skylar helped me write.)

If it had not been for Skylar, I would not have asked for the additional pay.  Now, I will earn an additional $8,000 per year and my future raises will be a percentage of this higher base salary.  Thank you Skylar!

Grace Juarez

Manager, Customer Relationship Management

“The Day I Broke Down & Cried in Front of My Boss was the Day I Reached Out to Skylar for Help.”

Facing mounting on-the-job frustration with no end in sight, I desperately wanted to quit my job.  The day I broke down and cried in front of my boss was the day I reached out to Skylar for help. I’m extremely glad I did because she has been the catalyst for many positive changes in my life.

It’s amazing when I look back at where I was and where I am today.  I would not have come this far this fast had I continued my journey alone.

Prior to collaborating with Skylar, I had no idea where to start with the numerous changes I wanted to make in my career.  Every time I tried something new, I was dizzy from zig-zagging my way through it.  I was becoming more aggravated with each failed attempt.

Through her insight and expertise in knowing when to approach certain topics and homework assignments, I was able to see the steps I needed to take in order to stop spinning my wheels and finally achieve real progress.

Skylar has guided me in a direction I never realized was even remotely possible. And with the discoveries she helped me make, I’m now able to silence the self-sabotaging voices that used to tell me over and over “You’ll never get there.”

She helped me realize that I can make and create my own path of success.  The most important part of that was learning how to believe in myself and quit being afraid of the inner critic that made me believe I was not worthy of having, wanting or expecting more in my life. Those days are gone!!

With Skylar’s inspiration, I will continue to move onward and upward!  There’s no stopping me!

Kristen Roberts

Criminal Justice Administrator

“Skylar’s Ability to Help Others Connect with their Strengths & Accomplish their Goals is Unparalleled.”

Skylar’s ability to help others connect with their strengths and accomplish their goals is unparalleled.  Her listening skills are second to none.  She has the unique ability to help you laser in on the real issues so you can gain clarity and achieve your desired results.  Skylar is a consummate professional and a delight to work with.

Shelly Banks

Marketing Strategist

Mom Facing “Empty Nest” Rebuilds Self-Confidence

As my only child was about to go off to college, I felt like I was facing a mid-life crisis in my career.  It was ironic, because I had an excellent job.  I was making great money and I only worked three days a week!

However, I was extremely dissatisfied with my career and this dissatisfaction was taking over my life.  I was so unhappy, I spent most of my free time dreading going to work.

I felt a very strong need to do something different with my career but I didn’t know what would make me happy.  I was ready for a new challenge but my lack of self-confidence was preventing me from moving forward.  I would talk myself out of any option I considered, telling myself I couldn’t succeed at anything new.  I felt like a ball in a pinball machine – I just keep bouncing all over the place.

In addition to lacking self-confidence, my challenges also included time management, structure, focus and holding myself accountable. Skylar helped me with all these obstacles!

She helped me identify where my greatest strengths and talents lie.  This allowed me to feel truly legitimate as a professional rather than feeling like an imposter.  She also helped me develop strategies to interrupt the negative thought processes that caused me to talk myself out of any career idea I had.

Skylar also assisted me in achieving concrete direction by putting together goals and deadlines – thereby creating accountability.  This was the catalyst that allowed me to focus and overcome my procrastination and feelings of overwhelm.

Most of all, Skylar helped me believe in myself and gave me confidence I never had before.  She is fantastic at what she does – and I will continue to recommend her to anyone I know who needs services like hers.  Thanks to Skylar, I feel a renewed sense of hope and will no longer let fear stop me from moving forward with my dreams!

Francesca Andrews

Marketing Director

“Skylar Helped Me Sort Through My Options, Figure Out What I Wanted & Make Important Life Decisions.”

When I began working with Skylar in my late 40’s, I was at a crossroads.  After 20 years working full time, I had taken early retirement from a very demanding job and was enjoying more time at home with my youngest daughter, while freelancing.

It was such a relief not to have a 60 hour plus per week job and to spend time with my “baby.”  Yet my husband was uncomfortable with my employment status.  I didn’t know what to do.

Through our one-on-one coaching sessions, Skylar helped me sort through my options, figure out what I wanted and make important life decisions.  She saw I was not prone to self-introspection, so she walked me through a process to get in touch with my core needs and values so I could make the best decisions for me.

I was and remain a professional communicator, yet Skylar also saw that I needed help developing my ability to communicate successfully with personalities unlike my own, to manage conflict effectively, and to establish positive win/win situations.

Thanks to Skylar’s coaching, including her attentive listening, sensible responses, and very good options for taking action, I began to understand my strengths and what I truly wanted in life.  She helped me learn how to better manage conflict and make decisions that have proven over time to be the best decisions for me, both personally and professionally, and for my family.  In fact, I believe in Skylar and her able coaching so much that I recently recommended her services to my eldest daughter.

Debbie Redmund

Writer & Editor

Real Estate Vice President Believes in Herself Again

Before I hired Skylar, I had a lot of anxiety about my job search.  I doubted myself and felt confused about the skills and value I had to offer.

Working with Skylar, I accomplished many things.  She helped me identify my top skills and create a solid resume and cover letter.  She also helped me see that I brought far more value to my previous jobs than I realized.

Furthermore, Skylar helped me stay focused.  Her specific homework assignments gave me a structure in which I could use my time wisely.  And through our discussions, I had several “ah-ha” moments that have helped me tremendously with my career planning.

Heather Lei

Real Estate Vice President

“I Learned So Much from Skylar in a Short Amount of Time.”

I learned so much from Skylar in a short amount of time. Specifically, she helped me develop strong communication skills that greatly enhanced my leadership presence.

Skylar provided me with tools that allowed me to present myself as a confident business woman.  Before working with Skylar, I sometimes portrayed myself in a girlish fashion.  She helped me enhance my interpersonal communication techniques and I now present myself as a mature woman with a confident tone and style.

The results have been fantastic.  My managers took note of my new leadership skills and I am currently being considered for a very big promotion at my company.

Thanks to Skylar, I have developed a powerful communication style that will serve me well as I continue to move up the career ladder.

Rachael Fabbri


“Through Working with Skylar, I Experienced an Internal Transformation that has Allowed Me to
Become a More Effective Leader.”

I used to have major anxiety about public speaking.  Whenever I had to speak in front of a group, my voice would get wobbly and I’d have to stop in the middle of the presentation to catch my breath and compose myself.

Through Skylar’s coaching program, I developed techniques to conquer my fear of public speaking.

Skylar prepared me for a big speech I had to make.  She walked me through the process of organizing my presentation and specifically, she coached me how to calm my nerves in the moment.

During my talk, I drew upon all the things she and I had discussed.  As a result, I delivered an effective presentation and received rave reviews!

Throughout our coaching engagement, Skylar also helped me set healthy boundaries with my boss and manage a difficult workplace conflict situation.

Through working with Skylar, I experienced an internal transformation that has allowed me to become a more effective leader.  The skills I learned will also help me set a positive example for my daughter on how to be a strong and confident communicator.

Amelia Walker

Director of Events & Member Services

“Skylar Helped Me Design & Implement Solid Strategies to Propel My Business Forward.”

Skylar helped me design and implement solid strategies to propel my business forward.  She showed me how to create a vision of the person I wanted to become and the life I wanted to be living.  She then helped me overcome my own “stuckness” by assisting me in developing realistic action plans with timelines to keep me focused and on track.  Skylar supported me in creating success on my own terms so I can live the life I truly want to be living.

Catherine Erikson

Business Consultant and Trainer

“I Could Feel My Mood Darkening; a Cloud of Pessimism Had Set In.” 

I had been working at the same organization for 15 years.  Even though I was in my comfort zone, things were shifting at the organization and I hadn’t been feeling satisfied for the last few years.  This dissatisfaction continued to build and I was feeling it was time to move on.  I wasn’t happy anymore and it was becoming continually more difficult to get through the work day.  I could feel my mood darkening; a cloud of pessimism had set in.

I wasn’t sure how to move forward or where to start.  I hadn’t looked for a job in 15 years, my resume was over a decade old and I didn’t know what my skills were or what I wanted to do next.  This is when a colleague suggested I work with Skylar.

Her Career Success System created a structure for me to move forward with my career transition on my terms and on the timelines I set for myself.  It broke down the overwhelming behemoth of “the job search” into bite-sized, manageable action steps I could handle on a week-to-week basis.

Skylar helped me clarify my career needs and long term goals so I could set a course for my future.  Also, by identifying my top proficiencies and on-the-job success stories, she empowered me to be prepared to speak about my qualifications and accomplishments with confidence.  She walked me through the parts I was unsure of, answered my questions and encouraged me to think and act bigger.  Most of all, Skylar believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself as I cleared each hurdle of the career transition process.

Jo Falken

Resource Development Manager

“Four Months After Hiring Skylar, My Long-Time Dream Came True.” 

Four months after hiring Skylar, my long-time dream came true.

I had wanted to open my own salon for years. However, it felt overwhelming and scary taking on such a huge challenge.

I hired Skylar to help me take action on this goal – and that she did.  We discussed the many fears and insecurities this opportunity was bringing to the surface, as well as the numerous logistical challenges it presented and how to surmount them.

What resulted was quite amazing.  Once I fully committed to making my dream come true, things quickly started coming together and blessings started falling out of the sky.

Skylar calls this the Law of Attraction in action.  As she explains it, once I committed to turning my dream into a reality, my thoughts and actions lined up with what was happening around me.

Skylar shared with me she has seen this happen many times with other clients. Once they commit to turning their dream into a tangible goal, things fall into place quite rapidly.

I call Skylar my “Good Luck Charm” and continue to meet with her as I manage my salon and create even bigger dreams for myself.  Her insights, questions and feedback help keep me feeling strong, inspired and committed to my vision.

Isabella Casaday

Salon Owner

“By Working with Skylar, I was Able to Overcome Challenges that Were Holding Me Back.”

By working with Skylar, I was able to overcome challenges that were holding me back.  The big life decisions I made with the assistance of her coaching system simply feel right.

I am a “can do” person.  I’m driven to move things forward, and don’t always allow myself to step back and assess the overall picture.  As a result, I can sometimes get in my own way by being in “scattershot reactive mode” rather than “strategic proactive mode.”

Skylar’s process provided me with a strategic structure to achieve my goals.  She championed me every step of the way, kept the process in motion, and helped me answer important career and life questions.  Working with her was vastly helpful and I deeply appreciate her guidance.

Amanda Macey


“The Resume Skylar Created for Me Worked Wonders”

The resume Skylar created for me worked wonders as well as the LinkedIn profile. More than five recruiters per day started contacting me via LinkedIn. I landed two interviews and accepted a job offer from one of them. I then turned down three additional interview requests. I am very pleased with the job I accepted and the organization I now work for.

The resume writing process felt daunting to me because I have over 23 years of professional experience and an extensive job history. My original resume had over 12 jobs listed on it. Skylar analyzed, synthesized and organized all this information in a highly strategic fashion. She developed convincing messaging and language to highlight my top skills sets and achievements.

Also, the one-on-one meetings we had along with her Career Branding Discovery Tool helped me further define my value proposition and I was empowered to clearly articulate the value I bring in the job interviews.

Tom L.

Fundraising Executive

“You Will Be in Excellent Hands with Skylar!”

Skylar is the real deal. I considered nine other resume writers and I’m so glad I hired her. I had worked with a resume writer before. This experience was different because Skylar conducted a full deep-dive analysis of my complete work history to develop my value proposition and sales messaging. The final result wasn’t just a transformed resume, but an overhauled approach to proactively managing my career. When hiring a professional to assist us with our career, its challenging to know who to trust. You will be in excellent hands with Skylar!

Greg K.

Cybersecurity Leader

“It Was a Relief to Follow Skylar’s Structured Approach & Framework”

Writing a resume for ourselves can feel stressful. Getting help from someone who has distance helps tremendously. I know I have excellent skills and a strong track record of success. However, creating the messaging for my job search materials was feeling overwhelming. It was a relief to follow Skylar’s structured approach and framework. Her plan and process eased the stress and I am very pleased with the final products.

Annette F.

Client Success Leader

“Having Worked in a Career Center for Three Years, I had a Very Good Idea of What I was Looking for in a Career Coach”

Having worked in a career center for three years, I had a very good idea of what I was looking for in a career coach/resume writer. My challenge was that I wasn’t sure how to portray my work history in a way that would appeal to employers outside my current industry. Skylar did an excellent job creating on-point marketing messages that will get me noticed by the hiring managers in my target industries. The resume showcases my top accomplishments and experiences in a way that will open the right doors for me.

Liz M.

Business Relationship Manager

“Skylar Created a Powerful Resume that Effectively Showcases My Accomplishments & Strengths”

Skylar created a powerful resume that effectively showcases my accomplishments and strengths as I continue to take on additional leadership roles. She lasered in right away on the main concern I had with my resume and implemented an excellent solution. The design is both eye-catching and easily readable. She also provided first-rate strategic guidance for my LinkedIn profile.

Jennifer C.

Education Leader

“Skylar is Personable & Easy to Talk To”

Skylar surpassed my expectations. Working with her, not only do you get a highly talented resume writer, you also get an experienced career coach. She asked insightful and catalyzing questions to help me think strategically about my next career move. Her career branding discovery tool assisted me in further identifying and defining my on-the-job achievements. Completing this process also supported me in feeling more prepared for the job interview process.

Skylar rebranded and transformed my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile so they effectively showcase my accomplishments and strengths. She did an effective job of selecting which aspects of my career background to highlight and emphasize based on the type of positions I’m targeting.

She also shared with me her success guide to strategic networking which provides step-by-step directions on how to open doors to potential opportunities via professional networking. Skylar is personable and easy to talk to. I highly recommend working with her.

David C.

Senior Research Director

“She Met Every Deadline We Discussed & Her Knowledge & Professionalism Are All Very Much Appreciated”

It was wonderful working with Skylar. She asked good questions upfront to get the source material needed to rewrite my resume. The strategic themes she designed are right on target and the writing is top notch. I feel the new version is an excellent representation of my achievements and experience. Skylar met with me personally twice and communicated with me each step of the way throughout the process. She met every deadline we discussed, and her knowledge and professionalism are all very much appreciated.

Gus C.

Marketing Executive

“Skylar Helped Me Identify My Top Skill Sets & Recognize the Value I Bring.”

Skylar helped me identify my top skill sets and recognize the value I bring. It’s easy for each of us to lose perspective on our own talents. Working with Skylar helped me connect with the professional competencies and interpersonal abilities I possess. She also showed me how to communicate them in a way that allows employers to readily appreciate the important assets I bring to the table.

M. Candelaria

Architecture + Digital Design

“Skylar Exceeded All My Expectations.”

Skylar exceeded all my expectations during the time we worked together.  I always came off our calls feeling energized and motivated!  She helped me take my resume, professional bio and LinkedIn profile to the next level.  Additionally, her book is an excellent resource for setting goals toward a more focused career path.

Danielle Joyner

Healthcare Consultant

Leadership Management Director Finds Skylar’s Coaching Invaluable

I have found working with Skylar to be invaluable to my career and personal growth.  She is amazingly adept at getting you to understand how to remove obstacles and create opportunities, as well as how to create and execute on a vision.

Skylar’s coaching has consistently helped me through a variety of challenges including tough professional assignments, working with rapidly shifting requirements and finding my place in the midst of a major corporate merger.

She always knows the right thing to say, or question to ask, to help get me back on track both professionally and personally.  I have also recommended her to others that have had excellent results through her.

Jacqueline Ambrose

Leadership Management Director

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